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Audio, Video, and Stage Lighting
AcousTech has been serving church, community and corporate clients across the USA since 1987. We provide a full range of services in the fields of Audio, Video, and Stage Lighting systems design and installation as well as complete Acoustical Consulting, Design and Engineering for new and existing facilities.

Specializing in Church Sound, Video, Lighting and Acoustics
AcousTech works primarily with churches. In keeping with principles of good stewardship, it is our philosophy to design using components and materials that meet or exceed the functional requirements of each technical system through an optimal balance of cost, performance and reliability. In our acoustical consulting and design services we avoid specifying costly, esoteric materials or methods whenever possible. We believe it is not reasonable or fiscally responsible to specify components, materials or methods where a small “perceived” improvement may be accompanied by a disproportionate increase in cost. Your church can expect creative ingenuity, integrity and professionalism, combined with extensive experience in every aspect of our services, from project conception to completion followed with ongoing service and support.

Experience and Knowledge

Recognizing the diversity of worship styles among churches, our combination of expertise in areas ranging from Church Audio, Video, and Lighting Systems Design and Engineering, Acoustical Design and Theater Technologies to Audio Recording/Production and Music/Theater Performance allows us to cater to the individual needs of each client. We combine established principles of acoustics, as well as audio, video and lighting technologies, with computer aided design and our extensive experience in practical application and operation to provide the blend of science and art necessary to achieve superior results.

Corporate and other venues:
From wedding and event centers to multi-purpose spaces, gymnasiums, school or community center auditoriums, to office building conference rooms and sound masking systems, to the delicate audio/video needs of funeral homes, AcousTech handles each design and installation with professionalism and excellence.


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